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Please note that 3dkiwi maps is fully independent. I provide a service for the community. I do not represent the supported projects and likewise can't be held responsible for their actions or lack thereof.


3dkiwi simplifies and dramatically expands your experience of metaverse NFT ownership:

locate your assets via d-app connector

find the best value proposition in seconds

track the trade history of every asset

check owners accumulating assets

and much more to come...


My name is 3dkiwi, you cand find me on X and on discord as lokinou.
I have been providing a heatmap service since fall 2021, shortly after the launch of pavia.
My mission is to serve an interface that makes finding metaverse land an easy task
available for everyone.

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This service is built on countless hours of dedication
To stay independent, to keep developping and paying for the hosting services
I accept donations, every one of them matters.

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